SKUGGA Technology: The Future is Here

The Swedish innovators advance SKUGGA ‘SMART GLASSES’ tech platform for fashion and design brands    

Stockholm, Sweden SKUGGA Technology AB, the Stockholm-based tech company, has created an industry leading smart miniaturised eyewear module, designed specifically for eyewear fashion brands as a perfect partner for their unique aesthetic.    

For the end consumer, the integrated SKUGGA technology means immediate access to Bluetooth motion and environmental sensor data, LEDs for notification and navigation, plus a whole world of potential connectivity with favourite apps to track health and external factors (air pollution, UV light etc) in a product that can be fashionable and cool in terms of   style and design – a far cry from the clunky, bulky smart glasses of recent years. 

“SKUGGA’s smart innovation brings a whole new untapped opportunity for eyewear designers and brands to implement smart functionality in glasses which are compatible with the consumers’ desire to put something interesting, flattering and exciting on their face … the   potential for a new generation of advanced, design-focused, quality-driven smart glasses, integrated with SKUGGA technology, is huge.”

Mikael Eriksson, CEO, SKUGGA    

Luxury smart glasses: SKUGGA collaboration with McLaren Vision 

Today, the Swedish tech company is working on a further step forward in the world of smart glasses in a collaboration with McLaren Vision, part of L’Amy Luxe portfolio – to create a next-generation, high-end avantgarde edition of sunglasses – an absolute hybrid of truly stylish, high-quality eyewear featuring mind-blowing smart glasses tech.

The McLaren frames offer the design and signature aesthetics of McLaren, thanks to the design work done by Sébastien Brusset, Creative director of McLaren Vision – preserving the unique DNA of the brand and superior style and lightweight construction and further enhancing it with the technical wizardry of the SKUGGA integration. The new edition – which will preview at SILMO 2021 – will represent the ultimate synergy in design and tech in the smart glasses arena.