The La Matta Collection - The Latest Interpretation of Style

The La Matta collection - produced by Area98 - is an anthem to the modern and sensual woman. A mysterious woman who likes to transform herself, by showing her strong personality through the accessories she wears. And so the eyewear become a mask behind which she can hide her eyes, frames that frame her face and enhance her expressiveness.
The latest La Matta models reproduce the hallmarks of the brand - the animal pattern, the exclusive acetates, the precious details - but soften the bright and sometimes daring tones, preferring more sober colours and accentuating the decorations on the temples. The shapes which are either square or oval, are generally large to facilitate the assembly of progressive lenses. The collection favours the use of acetate, alternating with metal on the fronts of some of its proposals.
Nevertheless the real essence of La Matta is in its patterns: the mantle of zebras, leopards, tigers or peacock feathers are reproduced in natural tones or with unusual colours such as red, blue and green with a glitter or pearl effect.
The original shape of the LM3186 model. The slightly accentuated thickness at the temples create an unusual cat-eye effect in a square metal front. The temples, in animal themed acetate, are decorated with small, coloured inserts at the hinges. The same motif can be seen in the LM3185 frame which is made entirely of acetate.
There are also two materials used for the LM3190 model: though here the detail is represented by an enamelled metal insert with a graphic pattern that recalls an ancient goldsmith’s artefact. The two-tone metal front reflects the colours of the animal print pattern on the acetate.
Looking like rough nuggets joined together to form a precious ornament is what appears on the LM3192 model. The "cat's eye” front is redesigned with an unusual cut at the ends of the rim giving the frame a new originality, thanks to the glitter and pearl acetates as well.
Still inspired by cat-eyes, but with wider rims for progressive lenses, the LM3189 acetate model features small decorative elliptical elements on its temples.
This continues in the two LM3187 and LM3194 frames - with the first being smaller and more squared off and the other being wider and more rounded - we can, however, still find all the iconic La Matta features though: the front in double animal themed acetate and the vivid colours, with decorations on the temples such as trapezoidal cut acetate gems or small metal studs.